Octaforce  offers Spur gears that are  used for speed reduction or increase, torque multiplication, resolution and precision enhancement for alignment systems.

Spur Gears Octaforce Spur Gears

Buy spur gear from Octaforce at very competitive price . We are one of the most reputed Spur Gears suppliers. You can buy standard Spur Gears or send us design for Custom Spur Gears design .Spur Gears are manufactured using most advance Machines .

To know the stock of Spur Gears send us inquiry on sales@octaforce.com . We can offer you in Octaforce Brand and also from other spur gear manufacturers .

Types of Spur Gears with Octaforce .

  1. Double Spur Gears
  2. Helical Spur Gears
  3. Large Spur Gears
  4. Metric spur gear
  5. Straight Spur Gear
  6. worm and spur gear
  7. spur gear and rack
  8. Spur gear part spares

Material available for Spur Gear

  1. Cast Iron spur gears

Cast Iron Spur Gears

2. Plastic spur gear

Plastic Spur Gears

3. Nylon spur gear

Nylon Spur Gears

4. Mild Steel spur gears

Mild Steel Gears

5. Stainless Steel spur gears

Stainless Steel Spur Gears

6. EN – 8, EN-19, EN – 24, EN-31, EN-36

7. Carbon Steel spur gear

8. Grade 25 IS 210 spur gears

9. Gun metal & PB – 2 spur gear set

Spur gears, which are designed to transmit motion and power between parallel shafts, are the most economical gears in the power transmission industry.

We offer both 14 1/2° and 20° PA (pressure angle), involute, and full-depth system gears. 20° PA is generally recognized as having a higher load carrying capacity; however, 14 1/2° PA gears are used extensively as well. This is because the lower pressure angle reduces change in backlash due to center distance variation and concentricity errors. The 14 1/2° PA also provides a higher contact ratio for smoother, quieter operation.

Boston Gear spur gears are available through our Guaranteed Same Day Shipment from our world class manufacturing center in Charlotte, NC. Many different gears with a variety of bore sizes, keyways, and setscrews are routinely in stock, but if the particular bore/keyway/setscrew combination needed is not readily available, our machining experts can alter any non-hardened gear

Product Features

  • Transmits motion and power efficiently between parallel shafts.
  • Our 20° PA spur gear has a high load-carrying capacity for enhanced performance.
  • The 14 1/2° PA spur gear offers smooth, quiet operation.
  • Spur gears are manufactured in Delrin, non-metallic, brass, steel, and cast iron materials for maximum versatility.
  • Non-metallic (phenolic – grade C) material provides quiet, corrosion resistant operation.