Pin Bush Coupling

A Flexible Pin Bush Coupling is a type of Power Transmission Mechanical Coupling used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power.

 OCTAFORCE Pin and Bush Coupling is designed from protected type of flange coupling. This type of Pin Bush type flexible coupling has pins over which rubber or leather bushes are used. These pins work as coupling bolts in the flexible bush pin type coupling.The pins are tightened by nuts with one of the flange and on the other flange kept loose.
The elastomer elements reduce vibration and dampen impact loads, as well as accommodate misalignment up to 0.5 degrees. The original bushing is a neoprene elastomer with a graphite impregnated bronze sleeve. These are still available, as well as a contemporary version of this concept: urethane bushings.
Our range of Bushed Pin Flexible coupling comes in Cast Iron, Forged Steel and EN -8/19/24/31/36 material. Octaforce Flanged Pin Bush Couplings are highly durable and offer minimum misalignment. We cater to various industries by supplying Bush Pin type Flange coupling at Best Price. Quality of Our Pin Type Flexible Coupling is second to no one.
We are a leading Pin Bush Coupling Supplier and have all Standard sizes of Bush Pin Type Flexible Coupling like pin bush coupling bc4 available with us Ex - Stock.Apart from the whole Coupling, we also provide spare pin bush coupling bolt with rubber bush.We also keep in Huge Stock,  Fenner Pin Bush Coupling among other pin bush type coupling.
Pin and Bush Couplings Pin Bush Couplings

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