Octaforce’s worms and worm gears provide s solution for power transmission applications in high-ratio speed reduction in a limited space using right angle (90°), non-intersecting shafts. That inturn provides the smoothest, quietest form of gearing.A worm gear (or worm drive) is a specific gear composition in which a screw (worm) meshes with a gear/wheel similar to a spur gear

Worm Gears

Octaforce  offers Worm gears that are  used for speed reduction or increase, torque multiplication, resolution and precision enhancement for alignment systems.

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Types of Worm Gears with Octaforce .

  1. Double Worm Gears
  2. Large Worm Gears
  3. Straight Worm Gear

Material available for Worm Gears

  1. Steel
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Aluminium
  4. Plastic

Worm gears are usually used when large speed reductions are needed. The reduction ratio is determined by the number of starts of the worm and number of teeth on the worm gear. But worm gears have sliding contact which is quiet but tends to produce heat and have relatively low transmission efficiency.

As for the materials for production, in general, worm is made of hard metal while the worm gear is made from relatively soft metal such as aluminum bronze. This is because the number of teeth on the worm gear is relatively high compared to worm with its number of starts being usually 1 to 4, by reducing the worm gear hardness, the friction on the worm teeth is reduced.

Another characteristic of worm manufacturing is the need of specialized machine for gear cutting and tooth grinding of worms. The worm gear, on the other hand, may be made with the hobbing machine used for spur gears. But because of the different tooth shape, it is not possible to cut several gears at once by stacking the gear blanks as can be done with spur gears.

To know the stock of Worm Gears send us inquiry on sales@octaforce.com