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Heliflex / Encoder Coupling

Octaforce being the leading Encoder Coupling Manufacturer offers Heliflex Couplings which are manufactured out of single aluminium alloy which is used for transmission of torque as compression or tension still laterally flexible and torsionally rigid. This Coupling light in weight and provide precision alignment offering perfect transmission for angular as well as parallel motion.

Features of Octaforce Heliflex Coupling

  • Continuous Velocity and angular precision is ensured as the driven hub and the driving hub turn the same.
  • They may operate at any speed whether low or high.
  • They are Backlash free
  • They are manufactured out of corrosion free material for application in regular or corrosive environment, may be subjected to high temperature allowing both axial expansion and torque capacity.
  • Offers maximum strength and durability.

We being one of the leading encoder coupling suppliers possess large stock of Encoder flexible couplings also provide efficient after sale service related to application of the coupling so that our customers don’t just get to buy our products at best prices but also great technical assistance. To know the stock of encoder shaft coupling, send us inquiry on sales@octaforce.com