Octaforce Taperlock Timing Pulley

Taperlock Timing Pulley Octaforce

Taperlock Timing Pulley with Taper lock bush are made of Cast iron, Steel and Alluminium Material. Our Timing Pulleys TBP offer zero Backlash and silent functioning due to high quality design. These Octaforce TBP pulleys are fit to the shaft using the Taper Lock bushes of different sizes depending on the shaft diameter sizes which helps to deter axial misalignment.

We at Octaforce offer variety of sizes of Octaforce TBP Timing Pulleys which are used in many industries including Oil and Gas industries, Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Printing industries and Paper industries.

Our manufactured Octaforce Timing Pulley TBP 192-14M-55 and Octaforce TBP 216-14M-85 are majorly used by leading Oil and energy Companies around the globe.

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H Type/12.5 mm/1/2" Pitch Taperlock Timing Pulley

H Type 12.5 mm Pitch Taperlock Timing Pulley

14M Pitch Taperlock Timing Pulley

14m Pitch Taper lock Timing Pulley.