1.Simplex  – Single Strand Chain

Simplex Roller Chains

Simplex – Single Strands Chains, American Standard & British Standard Roller Chains . We keep Diamond Roller Chain and Octaforce Single Strands Chains in stock.

Octaforce is range of Simplex Chains available in MS (Zinc and Galvanized ) and SS 304 .Octaforce Single Strand Roller Chain  is used in combination with Sprockets .Visit our Octaforce sprockets section for more details. Chains and sprockets are available in Stock

These are most common roller chain in the market. Meets and exceeds ANSI B29.1 specifications.Roller chain components are shot peened for greater fatigue resistance.

Simplex Chain Drawings

Product Name Model Number Pitch Number of Strands Roller Dia. Width Between Roller Link Plates Overall Width Length Tensile Strength Standards Package Quantity
3/8 inch simplex 06B-1 3/8 inch*7/32 inch 1 6.35mm 5.72mm 16.80mm 3.048 mtr(10 ft.) 920 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft)
1/2 inch SIMPLEX 08B-1 1/2 inch*5/16 inch 1 8.51 mm 7.75mm 20.90 mm 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.) 1840 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
5/8 inch SIMPLEX 10B-1 5/8 inch* 3/8 inch 1 10.16mm 9.65mm 23.70mm 3.048mtr(10 Ft.) 2290 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
3/4 inch SIMPLEX 12B-1 3/4 inch * 7/16 inch 1 12.07mm 11.68mm 27.30mm 3.048 mtr(10Ft.) 2960 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
1 inch SIMPLEX 16B-1 1 inch * 11/16 1 15.88mm 17.02mm 41.50mm 3.048 mtr(10Ft.) 6120 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
1-1/4 inch SIMPLEX 20B-1 1-1/4 inch * 0.77 1 19.05mm 19.56 mm 49.30mm 3.048 mtr(10Ft.) 9690 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
1-1/2 inch SIMPLEX 24B-1 1-1/2 inch *1 inch 1 25.40 mm 25.40mm 60.00mm 3.048 mtr(10Ft.) 16,310 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
1-3/4 inch SIMPLEX 28B-1 1-3/4 inch *1.22 inch 1 27.94 mm 30.99mm 72.5 mm 3.048 mtr(10Ft.) 20,390 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
2 inch SIMPLEX 32B-1 2 inch*1.22 inch 1 29.21 mm 30.99mm 75.30 mm 3.048 mtr(10Ft.) 25,500 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
2-1/2 inch SIMPLEX 40B-1 2-1/2* 1-1/2 inch 1 39.37 mm 38.10 mm 92.60 mm 3.048 mtr(10Ft.) 36,200 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
3 inch SIMPLEX 48B-1 3 inch * 1/8 inch 1 48.26 mm 45.72 mm 109.10 mm 3.048 mtr(10Ft.) 57,100 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)


The most commonly used chain is roller chain or as it is also known transmission chain. These are the simplest chain drives, Used mainly for transmitting power. Can be supplied from 3mm pitch up to 4″ pitch in either mild steel or stainless steel. We being a distinguished business company are highly dynamic in providing to the industry a vast gamut of Simplex Roller Transmission Chain .


  • Superior finish Long lasting Customized options Exceptional quality Heavy Duty Roller Transmission Chain or Drive Chains are available as per ISO 606 / DIN 8187 / ANSI B29.1M standard in simplex, duplex, triplex and multiple strand up to 3 pitch .
  • Corresponding Connecting Link & Offset Half Link with meshing chain sprocket and wheel can be manufactured.
  • Stainless Steel Drive Chains, Nickel & Zinc plated Roller Chains can also be supplied.
  • Roller chain components are shot peened for greater fatigue resistance
  • Heat treated components for increased durability, longevity and wear resistance
  • Chain is pre-loaded (Pre-stretched) to eliminate initial stretching.

Single strand roller chain ranges from #25 to #240 series. This is the most common roller chain in the market. Great quality roller chain at affordable prices.

Chain components are lubricated before assembly, then dipped in a hot oil bath after assembly

Simplex Chains