Roller Chains

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With a 40 year experience in Chain Transmission, Octaforce is a Leading Exporter in a wide range of Roller Chain available in MS (Zinc and Galvanized ) and SS 304 .Octaforce Transmission Chain is used in combination with Octaforce Sprockets. All power Transmission Chain and sprockets are available in Stock. Apart from all Standard Roller Chain Sizes, We also provide Large Roller Chain and Heavy Duty Roller Chain all sizes and types.Our Standard Roller Chain come in the sizes from 3/8 inch Pitch to 3″ pitch. Being the Leading Roller Chain Manufacturers, We have economies of scale to give Best Price to our Customers.

These are most common roller chain in the market. Meets and exceeds ANSI B29.1 specifications.Drive Chain Sizes and Components are shot peened for greater fatigue resistance. We have an edge over other Roller Chain Suppliers for quality as well as Prices

Transmission Roller Chain are available in British Standards and American Standards.

Roller Chain Drawings

Standard Range of Octaforce ANSI chain :

1.Simplex  – Single Strand Chain

Simplex Roller Chains

As one of the Leading Roller Chain Manufacturers, In the Category of ANSI roller chain,We offer precision roller chain in Single Strand also called as Simplex Roller Chain. We offer Diamond Roller Chain as well as Rolon/Renold Roller Chain.

2Double Strand Roller Chain or Double pitch roller chain/ Duplex Roller Chain

Duplex Roller Chains

We Offer ANSI Double strand Transmission Roller Chain also known as Duplex Chain which have great strength and resistance. Being the Leading Drive Chain Suppliers, these Chains are also available in Stainless Roller chain variation Ex-Stock Our Double Roller chain outlasts other Steel Roller Chain in Quality. These power transmission chain types are also available with us in Diamond Brand and Rolon/Renold Brand.

3.Triplex – Triple Strands

Triplex Roller Chains

Octaforce Offer wide range of Three Strand Roller Chain.We have Triplex Roller Chain for Sale under Diamond Chain as well as Rolon / Renold Chain in Huge Stock as well.

4.Quadraplex – Quadruple Four Strands

Quadruplex Roller Chains

5.Pentaplex – Five Strands

Pentaplex roller chains 5 five strands

6.Six Strands Roller Chains

Six Strands Roller Chains

7. Seven Strands Roller Chains

Seven Strands Roller Chains

8.Roller Chains with Extended Pins

9.Hollow Pin Chains

Hollow Pin Chains

Our Non Standard Range of Chains include

  1. Agriculture Roller Chain
  2. Attachment and Made-to-Order Roller Chain
  3. British Standard / ISO Oval Contour Roller Chain
  4. Corrosion Resistant Chain
  5. Coupling Chain
  6. Heavy Series Chain
  7. High Strength/Lift Chain
  8. Length Matched Chains
  9. Maintenance Free Series Roller Chain
  10. Micro-Pitch Series Roller Chain

Non-standard Series Chain

  1. Oven Pin Roller Chain
  2. Power Sports Chain
  3. Oil and Gas Chains
  4. CTI Series Roller Chain
  5. Special Lubricated Chain
  6. Special Application Chain
  7. Special Clearance Roller Chain

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