Triplex – Triple Strands

Triplex Roller Chains

Triplex – Triple Strands Chains, American Standard & British Standard Roller Chains . We keep Diamond Roller Chain and Octaforce Triple Strands Chains in stock.

Octaforce is range of Triplex Chains available in MS (Zinc and Galvanized ) and SS 304 .Octaforce Triple Strand Roller Chain  is used in combination with Sprockets .Visit our Octaforce sprockets section for more details .Chains and sprockets are available in Stock

These are most common roller chain in the market. Meets and exceeds ANSI B29.1 specifications.Roller chain components are shot peened for greater fatigue resistance.

Triplex Chain Drawings

Product Name Model Number Pitch Number of Strands Roller Dia. Width Between Roller Link Plates Overall Width Length Tensile Strength Standards Package Quantity
3/8 inch TRIPLEX 06B-3 3/8 inch*7/32 inch 3 6.35mm 5.72mm 37.30mm 3.048mtr(10Ft.) 2540 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft)
1/2 inch TRIPLEX 08B-3 1/2 inch*5/16 inch 3 8.51 mm 7.75mm 48.80mm 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.) 4850 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
5/8 inch TRIPLEX 10B-3 5/8 inch* 3/8 inch 3 10.16mm 9.65mm 56.90mm 3.048 mtr(10Ft.) 6810 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
3/4 inch TRIPLEX 12B-3 3/4 inch * 7/16 inch 3 12.07mm 11.68mm 66.30mm 3.048 mtr(10Ft.) 8850 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
1 inchTRIPLEX 16B-3 1 inch * 11/16 3 15.88mm 17.02 mm 105.30mm 3.048 mtr(10Ft.) 17,400 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
1-1/4 inch TRIPLEX 20B-3 1-1/4 inch * 0.77 inch 3 19.05mm 19.56mm 122.10mm 3.048 mtr(10Ft.) 25,490 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
1-1/2 inch TRIPLEX 24B-3 1-1/2 inch *1 inch 3 25.40mm 25.40mm 156.60 mm 3.048 mtr(10Ft.) 43,330 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)
1-3/4 inch TRIPLEX 28B-3 1-3/4 inch *1.22 inch 3 27.94 mm 30.99mm 191.4 mm 3.048 mtr(10Ft.) 54,040 kgf BRITISH 3.048 mtr(10 Ft.)


Triplex Roller Chains in wide range.

This Roller Chains are available & manufactured in British, American & ISO Standards. Roller chain is made of three strands in comparison to normal roller chain. Our chains are highly durable, heat resistant, abrasive resistant, have low coefficient of friction, power transmissibility factor is high. They are stronger.

We have vast experience in manufacturing of Triplex roller chain. They have almost triple power transmissibility capacity. So, if the length of the change need to be fixed while increasing it’s power transmissibility capacity than Triplex Roller Chains are used.

Tripcon Manufactures this Triplex Roller Chains under stringent quality control which ensures its performance at high loads and in adverse conditions.

Tripcon offers this roller chains in carbon steel & stainless steel with lot of variants depending upon the requirement of customer and its working conditions and environment.


  • Robust construction
  • Heat resistant
  • More durable
  • Low coefficient of friction