Nylon Sleeve Coupling/

Nylon Gear Coupling Consists of two Steel Gear hubs engaging in a sleeve of high grade engineering plastic material of superior strength and high temperature resistance. The crowned gear tooth permits axial angular misalignment. No transmission noise due to the coupling. The Nylon coupler is easy to assemble and require no maintenance and lubrication.

For Shock load applications, Use the following safety Factor F.

Uniform – 1.0  Moderate – 1.25  Heavy – 1.75

Rating of Application   =  H.P Application * 100 * F  

RPM Of Application

Maximum Permissable Angular Misalignment 1.5 Degree

Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling1

Octaforce manufactures a comprehensive range of Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling with high quality precision which reduces misalignment and requires almost no maintenance with all the standardized sizes readily available in stock with us.

We also make for our customers customized couplings as per their designs and drawings. Due to large economies of scale, we provide our customers best prices for them to buy Octaforce Nylon sleeve couplings.

Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling Catalogue PDF
Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling Catalogue PDF

Nylon Sleeve Couplings

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