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Octaforce RRL 150 140 Jaw


OCTAFORCE is the Leading Flexible Spider Coupling Manufacturer. Spider couplings are torsionally flexible and requires no maintenance. It has Damping vibrations and reduces misalignment. The plug in it consists is Axial. It is Fail-Safe because even if the teeth breaks like a gear, It does not stop the transmission of torque. Our Coupling has excellent properties as far as the quality is concerned. The design is compact and has got marvelous strength. The Finish bore is according to ISO fit H7, feather keyway according to DIN 6885 sheet 1 - JS9
Ex - Approved according to EC Standard 94/9/EC (without aluminum AL-D)
Electrically insulated.

Octaforce Jaw Flex RRL 150/140 Couplings- Spider, Spacer Type Flexible Coupling

We deal in Standard RRL Type Flexible coupling . The Jaw Flex RRL Type coupling consists of 2 standard Hubs with 1 Rubber Spider Element.

Spider Coupling
Jaw Couplings Spider
Coupling Jaw Type
Jaw Coupling


  • Octaforce Spider Bush Coupling Indifferent to water, dust or petroleum products, steam & light chemicals.
  • Material : Cast Iron Grade 25 IS 210, Aluminium.

Apart from Curved Jaw Couplings, We also undertake manufacturing of  Octaforce Spider  which are made in different materials and hardness. Our Standard Coupling Spiders or Bushes are made of good quality Nylon and Polyurethane (P.U) material. We keep stock of Spider Shaft Coupling and their rubber Spider in all Sizes.


L Type Couplings


Lovejoy Type Coupling

Lovejoy  L Type Couplings .The L Type

coupling consists of two standard L Type hubs and one spider. All the sizes with or without keyways.

Part numbers L035,L050,L070,L075,L090,L095,L099,L100,L110,L150,L190,L225,L276

LC Type Couplings

The LC Type coupling consists of one standard L Type hub (without collar attachment), one LC Type hub (provides collar attachment), one standard snap wrap center and one collar with screws.

Part numbers LC090,LC095,LC099,LC100,LC110,LC150,LC190,LC225

AL and SS Type Couplings

AL (Aluminium ) and SS (Stainless Steel) Type Couplings The AL Type coupling consists of two hubs and one spider.

Part numbersAL050,AL070,AL075,AL090,AL095,AL099,AL100,AL110,AL150

RRS and RRSC Type Radially Removable Spacer Couplings

Removable Space Coupling

Consists of snap wrap spiders w/o ring ,collars with screws and spacer

C Type Couplings

The C Type coupling consists of two standard hubs, one cushion set and collar with Type Couplings

H Type coupling

The H Type coupling consists of two hubs, two inside sleeves, one cushion set and one collar with hardware

RRC Type Radially Removable Spacer Coupling

RRC Type Radially Removable Spacer Coupling consists of RRC Hub Adapters (includes bolts),1 Spacer assembly consisting of 2 RRC Jaw rings ,1 collar with hardware,1 set of SXB (NBR) cushions

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