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RESILIENT COUPLING or GRID FLEX Spring Grid Coupling is derives its torsional flexibility from a special steel Spring Grid Member fitted in tapered grooves, cut in the periphery of the driving and driven hubs. Octaforce manufactures a variety of such Grid member coupling which require minimum maintenance and offers smooth and quiet operation. Octaforce Grid flex coupling are more durable and enjoy a long life than such falk steelflex couplings from other brands. Being the Leading Spring Shaft Coupling Distributors, all standard sizes of spring coupling types and Grid Coupling Spring is readily available in stock with us. We have Customized Flexible Manufacturing due to which we can also make Customized Grid Spring Coupling as per Customer's specifications through design or drawing.

Types of Resilient Couplings available with us 

Grid Spring Coupling

Coupling Type Z with Vertically Split Cover

 Resilient Coupling Type Z  

Coupling Type X with Vertically Split Cover

Resilient Coupling Type X

Coupling Type Y with Axially Split Cover

Resilient Coupling Type Y

Coupling Type S with Vertically Split Cover

Grid Flex Coupling Type S

Coupling Type UP & UPV

Resilient Coupling Type UP & UPV

Coupling Type UC & UCV

Resilient Coupling Type UC & UCV


Grid Coupling 1016



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Spring Resilient Grid Coupling

Many Couplings do not exhibit Torsional Flexibility and as a result , are unable to protect costly equipment from shocks, vibrations, misalignment etc.

Octaforce Taper Grid Coupling is capable of the above functions and its flexibility depends upon the length of the span, measured from the points of contact the grid members makes with the driving and driven hubs. Under light loads, the points of contact of the grid member with the hubs is further apart, compared to shock loads, when the points of contact are close together.This affects the stiffness of the spring and due to it, the coupling is capable of dampening shocks, vibrations, etc. and acts as Shock Absorber in the system.

Installation and Maintenance

Octaforce Falk Grid Coupling type is easy to install and after mounting the hubs and covers on the shafts, the alignment of the driving and driving shafts, are checked with the help of a straight edge or dial indicator. The grooves are then packed with grease and the spring grid member is fitted in the grooves by lightly tapping the grid in place wiith a mallet. Before bolting the covers in place, the grids should be completely covered with grease. After a trial run for about an hour, the coupling should be topped up with more grease.

Octaforce Steelflex Grid Coupling does not require much maintenance, except yearly checking of alignment, removal and cleaning of used grease and topping up with fresh grease. Dismantling this Spring Coupling is simply achieved by removing the covers and levering the spring grid member out of the grooves with the help of a screw driver or lever. The Quality we provide is as good as Falk Steelflex Grid Coupling or Falk Coupler. We are also leading Falk coupling distributors

Grid Flex Coupling Catalogue
Grid Flex Coupling Catalogue
Resilient Coupling Catalogue
Resilient Coupling Catalogue
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