Roller Chain Couplings

Octaforce Chain Couplings are designed as Robust, compact coupling consisting of two steel Chain pinions for keying to the shafts, encircled by a balanced, quickly detachable special duty roller chain couplings are available with or without alluminium cover. Alluminium encloser casing ensures complete protection and lubrication.Octaforce Chain Coupling accomodates limited Alignment errors, perfect alignement which leads to infinite coupling life. We are leading Chain Coupling manufacturer .


Couplings operating without covers under fairly clean conditions will give satisfactory service provided they are periodically(weekly) brushed thoroughly with ball bearing grease of medium consistency. Roller Coupling are operated with covers should be kept filled with a good quality ball bearing grease of soft or medium consistency.

Octaforce offers a wide and a comprehensive range of Coupling Chain of all the standardized dimensions readily available with us Ex-Stock. We also offer customized roller chain couplings as per the design and drawing of the Customer.We also keep Chain Coupling Sprocket.

To know the stock of Double Roller Chain Coupler  send us inquiry on .We can also send Chain Coupling Catalogue .Roller Chain Coupling Catalogue

Roller Chain Coupling DrawingRoller Chain Couplings Drawing

OE 6112 69 59 0.2
OE 8312 75 68 0.2
OE 8316 90 70 0.4
OE 1016 114 86 0.6
OE 1018 123 90 0.8
OE 1218 149 93 1.2
OE 1222 173 110 1.6
OE 1618 195 135 2.3
OE 1622 222 134 2.4
OE 2020 258 174 3.4
OE 2418 292 218 5.9
OE 2422 340 212 7.3
OE 3218 385 250 14

Chain Coupling

Roller Chain Couplings