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Octaforce offers a comprehensive range of Chain Drive Sprockets available in MS ,SS 202 ,SS 304 and SS 316, EN-8/19/24/31/36 Hardened. Octaforce Chain Sprockets are used in combination with Roller Chains. As Leading Industrial Chain and Sprocket Suppliers, Standard Chains and Roller Chain Sprockets are available in Huge Stock with us.

Style A–Flat with no hub

Style A – Flat sprocket with no hub extension either side- Being the Largest Roller Chain Sprockets Supplier, We Offer all Chain and Sprocket sizes in Type A Sprockets.We Manufacture a wide range of Type A Industrial Sprockets for sale.

Style B – Sprocket Hub One Side

Style B – Sprocket Hub One Side- Sprocket with hub extension one side- Type B Sprockets are one of the category of tooth sprocket in which there is hub at one side. We being the Leading Roller Chain Sprocket Manufacturers have a huge stock of Type B Roller Chain Sprockets for Sale in M.S, Stainless Steel, EN – 8/19/24/31/36 Material as per Customer’s Requirement.

Style C -Sprocket Hub One Side

Style C -Sprocket Hub One Side- Sprocket with hub extension both sides- Octaforce as the pioneer in Roller Chain Sprockets Suppliers offer a wide range in type C Sprockets where we make double Sprocket hub or Double bub Sprockets.

Simplex Sprockets

We Offer Simplex Sprockets in all Sizes and material like Stainless Steel, M.S, EN-8/19/24/31/36 Material. So now if you want to know where to buy sprockets from, Here is the Stop. Contact sales@octaforce.com

Duplex Sprockets

Double Strand sprocket or Duplex Sprockets for Double Sprocket Chain Available in 3/8 ” Pitch to 2″ Ptich in M.S, S.S 202, 304, 316, Cast Steel, Cast Iron, EN-8/19/24/31/36 Material.

Triplex Sprockets

We Have in Variety of Sizes and Material Three Strand Roller Sprocket or Triplex Sprocket in M.S, S.S, EN-8/19/24/31/36 Material.

Quadruple Sprockets

We Have in Variety of Sizes and Material Four Strand Roller Sprocket or Quadraplex Sprocket in M.S, S.S, EN-8/19/24/31/36 Material.

Custom Made Sprockets

Our Custom Made Range of Octaforce Sprockets includes Quick detachable QD  Sprockets ,Split Taper Sprockets,Taper Bushed Sprocket,Split type sprocket. All You have to mention is the detail of the sprocket chain size and material you require it in.

To Know the Stock of Industrial Sprockets and Chains or Chain Sprocket Price, Contact us at sales@octaforce.com