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L Type Couplings

Being Lovejoy Coupling Suppliers, We have Lovejoy Jaw Coupling or Lovejoy Spider Coupling Ex- Stock. Part numbers for Lovejoy  L Type Couplings .The L Type coupling consists of two standard L Type hubs and one spider. All the sizes with or without keyways

LC Type Couplings

The LC Type coupling consists of one standard L Type hub (without collar attachment), one LC Type hub (provides collar attachment), one standard snap wrap center and one collar with screws. LC Couplings Part Numbers are LC090 LC095 LC099 LC100 LC110 LC150 LC190 LC225

AL Type Couplings

AL Aluminum Type Couplings from Lovejoy. The AL Type coupling consists of two hubs and one spider.

Part Numbers AL050 AL070 AL075 AL090 AL095 AL099 AL100 AL110 AL150

SS Type Couplings

SS Stainless Steel Type Couplings from Lovejoy. The SS Type coupling consists of two hubs and one spider.

PArt Numbers SS075 SS095 SS100 SS110 SS150

RRS  Type Couplings

The RRS Type coupling consists of 2 standard RRS hubs and spacer assembly consists of 2 snap wrap spiders with O ring, 2 Collars with screws and 1 spacer.

Part Numbers RRS 095 RRS099 RRS100 RRS110 RRS150 RRS190 RRS225 RRS226


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