Lovejoy RRS 190 Couplings- Jaw Type Coupling & Spider

We deal in Standard RRS 190 Type coupling hub . The RRS Type coupling consists of 2 standard RRS hubs and spacer assembly consists of 2 snap wrap spiders with O ring, 2 Collars with screws and 1 spacer.

Standard RRS Type coupling with radially removable inserts

Easy Maintenance

Fail Safe – keeps working if elastomer fails (for non-fail safe see Jaw-In-Shear)

RRS 190 Type Coupling is available in Stock in our India warehouse . We have lovejoy coupling spider in Stock as well. We keep almost all love joy coupling sizes for Ready Dispatch. Contact us for Pricing or Standard Pricelist.We also keep Octaforce Jaw Couplings in Stock.

Lovejoy RRS 190 Couplings. Lovejoy RRS 190 Couplings

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Why RRS Type Couplings?

The RRS type coupling speed is limited to increased speeds of up to 3600 RPM, a similar fail-safe jaw coupling design with a collar attachment is available. This coupling type is called an RRS Type (pictured at left), and consists of 2 standard RRS hubs and one Spacer which consists of 2 snap wrap spiders with O ring , 2 collars with screws.