Fenner Resilient Couplings Size FRC-22

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The Resilient Couplings are torsionally flexible, providing protection against shock loads, impact loads and vibration. The heat treated spring steel grid absorbs high impact shocks without loss of energy and when overload occurs, the grid fails and prevents failure of the shaft or machinery part connected to the coupling. Fenner Spring Grid Couplings transmits full torque with dampened vibration and reduce peak loads.
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Fenner Spring Gridflex Coupling FRC-22Fenner Resilient Coupling FRC-22

Fenner Resilient Couplings Size FRC-22 ,Type Y

Coupling Size Rating H.P/RPM Clear Diameter OD (mm) Boss Length L1 (mm) Boss Length L2 (mm) Removal Space RS (mm) Gap G(mm) Cover Bore CB (mm) Safe Speed R.P.M Stock Rough Bore (mm) Max. Bore (mm) Approx. Weight Kgs
FRC-22 2.755 492.00 152.50 152.50 179.00 3.20 266.70 1100 85 173 207

1.Fenner Resilient Couplings give you a combination of advantages of high power rating of a gear coupling and flexibility of elastomer coupling

2.They are easy to install and simple to maintain

3.The flexible grids are quickly replaceable without disturbing the connected equipment

  1. Fenner Resilient Couplings are available in a broad range of sizes covering from 0.45 kW to 1307 kW per 100 RPM and bores up to 267 mm.
  2. A High torque Resilient Coupling basically comprises a grid spring which connects two hubs – one of the driving and the other on the driven shaft – through axially cut grooves around the peripheries of the two hubs

6.The spring, which is of special design compatible with the required characteristics of the system, from a series of resilient bridges along the grooves

7.The grooves are flared to allow the grid members long flexible spans under normal loads as well as better support by the sides of the
grooves under over load conditions