Fenner FGC 11 Couplings

FGC 11 Coupling
FGC 11 Gear Coupling

Fenner FGC 11 Couplings- Geared Flexible Coupling

We deal in Standard FGC 11 Type Flexible coupling . The FGC Type coupling consists of 2 standard Hubs with Crowned external teeth and 2 outer sleeves with internal spur teeth.

Standard FGC Type Curved Tooth Gear Flexible Coupling with radially removable inserts

It is recommended to to fill coupling with grease or oil for lubrication and smooth functioning.

FGC 11 Type Gear Coupling is available in Stock in our India warehouse . We have Fenner coupling Spare Pins/Bolts with nuts and washers in Stock as well. We keep Fenner Gear coupling in almost all sizes for Ready Dispatch. Contact us for Pricing or Standard Pricelist. We also keep Octaforce Geared Couplings in Stock.

Why FGC Type Couplings?

The FGC type Gear coupling speed is limited to increased speeds of up to 2100 RPM, with torque of 120800 nm. The maximum shaft diameter suitable for FGC 11 Coupling is 260 mm. Total Diameter of FGC 11 Gear Coupling is 545 mm.

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