Diamond Chain No. 24B-3 ,24b

Diamond British Standard Roller Chain 24B-3 , D240 , 38.10mm conforming to IS 606, BS228, DIN 8187. These British Standard Chains come with One ,Two and Three Strands .Please refer below for Complete Datasheet and Specification for 24B-3.

Diamond Chain No. 24B-3 Diamond Chain No. D240 ,24BDiamond Chain No. 24B-3.

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Intl Ref No. 24B-3
Daimond Chain No. D240
Number of Strands 03
Pitch (P) 38.10
Width Between Inner Plates (W) Min 25.40
Roller Diameter (D) Max 25.40
Bearing Pin Diameter (d) Max 14.63
Plate Height IP (H) Max 33.40
Plate Thickness  IP (T1) 6.00
Plate Thickness IP(T2) 5.00
Width Over Bearing Pin (A) Max 150.00
Width Over Joint Fastener (B) Max 156.60
Transverse Pitch (P1) 48.36
Average Weight Per Meter (kgs) 20.20
Tensite Strength (kgf) Min 43330